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The Princess and the Pea

The prince is searching for a wife. She must be perfect. But the prince's idea of a perfect wife is childish. A girl asks for shelter on a stormy night. She tells the servants that she is a princess. The Queen has a strange plan to see if the girl is telling the truth.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack makes a silly mistake but he is not a stupid boy. He takes a risk when he decides to climb the giant beanstalk that is growing outside his window. He climbs higher and higher. Find out how Jack becomes the hero of the village.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Country Mouse lives a very simple life. He enjoys the calm quiet of the countryside. His cousin comes to stay with him for a few days. Town Mouse is used to the noise and lights of the city. He does not enjoy the simple life and wants his cousin to experience the riches and excitement of the town. Country Mouse joins his cousin on his return to the town. Is it as wonderful as he has been told?

The Lion and the Mouse

The little mouse is very happy as she leaves her house in the tree.

She is going to celebrate her birthday with friends. The jungle floor is very soft. It begins to move and

she finds that she has jumped onto a lion’s back. He catches her. He is angry and he is going to eat her.

What can the little Mouse do?

The Little Red Hen

When the Little Red Hen finds some wheat seeds, she dreams of making bread. She decides to plant the seeds. She must work hard to make them grow so she asks her friends to help. Will she be successful? Find out when you read this traditional tale about perseverance, teamwork and the importance of helping others.

The Ugly Duckling

Sam is different. His brothers and sisters treat him very badly. He is very lonely and runs away. He meets other birds and an old lady. They treat him badly, too. The only kindness he enjoys comes from a sparrow and a farmer. This has a magical effect on Sam, the Ugly Duckling.


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