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The King's New Clothes

Publisher : London Publishing

Two weavers promise to make the King a new suit. They promise to weave it with a special material. Clever people will see it and love its beauty. People who do not see it are so stupid that they are unfit for their jobs. The weavers are paid to make this special suit for the King. In reality, they make no clothes at all but do they fool everybody?

Supplementary Materials

• Interactive CD

• My Own Story

• Hand Puppets

• Classroom Theatre

• Flash Cards 

• Teacher Guide

• Graphic Organiser Poster

This graded reading scale allows students to build a vocabulary that is relevant to their understanding and enjoyment of the stories. In so doing, children are encouraged to increase their reading time and develop a love of books.

Words per story                         LEVEL

350 – 600 x1

640 – 740                                         1                  

740 – 840                                         2

840 – 940                                         3

940 – 1100                                       4

1100 – 1250                                     5

1250 – 1400                                      6

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