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London Publishing is proud to announce its annual charitable gift to support an educational project.

The periods of Lent and Ramadan give us time to reflect on the difficulties faced by others. Wars, Global Warming, Natural Disasters and Economic crises have combined to create the largest mass migration of people that the World has ever seen. Our support this year will go to one of these many refugees.

Facing imprisonment or worse, Pariya, was forced to flee her country. She arrived in the UK in December 2019. A bright, well-educated young lady, she shone in her academic studies, winning prizes in Mathematics and Chemistry. Her ambition is to study Medicine at University. In her first months in the UK she was subjected to a hostile government interview before being housed, as an asylum seeker, in a tiny room in a dangerous, rundown area of Bradford. She was alone and frightened. The Covid pandemic meant that many months were spent without seeing another person. After 2 years the UK government gave a decision.She was REFUSED asylum and ordered to return to her country. She appealed the decision.

One year later Pariya faced a tribunal. She faced harsh questioning from a Home Office prosecutor. Pariya was dignified and answered clearly and truthfully. The Judge found in Pariya’s favour and the Home Office apologised. Pariya was granted leave to remain and awarded Refugee status and right to remain in the UK for the next 5 years.

In just under 10 weeks, Pariya will sit for ‘A’ Level exams in Maths, Chemistry and Biology. These exams will determine whether she may enter University. Pariya must now leave Home Office accommodation. She needs a place to live. London Publishing Ltd has found Pariya a room in a Student Hall of Residence just 5 minutes from her College. At last she is in a safe and comfortable environment. We are delighted to be her sponsor.

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