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Who we are

London Publishing Ltds was established in 2019. Our prime business is the writing and resourcing of native English schoolbooks for the MENA region. We work closely with regional partners who share our focus on learning and our quest for innovation and excellence. Foremost of these is the Better Education Group who not only distributes our books, but also provides us with the research that allows us to create the quality of publication that enhances both teaching and learning in our schools.

What we do

Learning is at the heart of what we do. We are learners. Your schools are our seats of learning. Your staff and students are our teachers. To enable us to write a book, we need to understand the needs of both of these groups. From teachers, we want to learn about those elements in a book that make it successful. We want students to tell us what makes their learning fun and exciting. Classrooms have a special ‘buzz’ when real learning is taking place. That buzz is the sound of excitement, enquiry, discovery and enjoyment. It is something that good teachers recognise and relish. Great learning happens when the teacher is passionate, the materials are perfect and the students are hooked.
…is to build that 'buzz' in our books.
is simple. We want our books to be part of the treasure discovered by your students as you guide them on their journey in education.

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