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The Time Machine

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The Time Machine

He showed his friends the machine that took him on his journey through time. He told them that he would set off again and bring them reports of the future. In a strangely empty land, he meets the Eloi and the Morlocks. He faces great danger. Will his friends learn about the future? Will he ever return?

‘Academics’ is a series of graded readers that allows pupils to develop key language skills through activity-based learning. The series encourages reading accuracy and understanding via skimming and scanning tasks. Reading, writing, listening, thinking and understanding are developed in a series of teacher-guided activities.

About the Series

• 9 levels for the Primary stage

• 4 readers per level (even within each level, they are linguistically graded)

• Classic tales emphasizing morals

• Total immersion; natural, native speaker language

Supplementary Materials

• Interactive CD

• My Own Story

• Hand Puppets (Level X - 3) • Masks (Levels 4+)

• Classroom Theatre

• Flash Cards

• Teacher Guide

• Graphic Organiser Poster (helps students analyse and understand storylines)

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